Have some Questions?

Respite care is explained as:
Temporary care, a break, a time out, short break, interlude.

Respite care of a loved one is short break, enabling the family care giver to have short break and recharge their batteries.

Costs will vary depending on how many hours/days of service from Gold Heart Services Inc that you need. A Gold Heart Services team member will meet with you and your family to develop a care plan, that meets your needs and budget

On average you may pay anywhere from $15 -$40 per hour, for mobile services and care, $120-$200 per day for live-in care.

At Gold Heart Services Inc we want our clients to be happy and will go above and beyond to make that happen. We will discuss with you and your loved ones what services and care you need. We will try our best to get you the same care giver, but sometimes that may not be the case due to sickness and holidays etc.

Yes there is a contract between you and Gold Heart Services Inc which will outline the services that you need and the amount of hours per week and the cost to you.

Gold Heart Services Inc. know how important it is to have familiarity and trust. We will do our best to accommodate you.

An in-home assessment is where a team member of Gold Heart Services Inc. will come into your home and meet with you and your loved one and will custom tailor your specific individual needs. We will discuss and determine if you qualify for eligible funding through the Government or your personal insurance coverage. We will not sell you on a service that is not required. We are here to help you.

Gold Heart Services Inc is a company that wants the best for its clients and its staff. We believe in treating people as we would like to be treated ourselves. We are here to help you in any way that we can. Gold Heart Services Inc has a huge passion for people and their quality of life.