Sharon, founder of Gold Heart Services
Sharon is the creative mind behind Gold Heart Services which helps connect those in need with the support and care they require in order to thrive within their own community.
Before creating Gold Heart Services, Sharon worked for various companies supporting Seniors, people with disabilities, and those with Special Needs in the Community. She has over 20 years experience in this field. It’s from this firsthand experience that she identified the need for more awareness and support in the Community through education and socialization, thus creating the framework for Gold Heart Services.
Sharon’s passion, commitment, dedication, loyalty and empathy to her clients is second to none.
Outside of her professional career, Sharon share many other passions. From her tight-knit family (with her dogs in tow) to her local charitable endeavors, one of which sees her serve as a member of its committee raising money for the sick children of our province. Her positive attitude and caring demeanor have not only helped them build a professional network and solid rapport among her peers but countless friends and connections in the community that would be willing to help her at a moment’s notice, as they know they can depend on the same from her.
Sharon can be contacted at or 604-316-7315